American Realness

May 18-21, 2017

House of Realness offers Wiener Festwochen audiences a glimpse into the American alternative. A utopic space where black and trans lives matter and pleasure is power, House of Realness presents queer ecstatic practice as resistance.

Curated by NYC based American Realness founder and curator Ben Pryor, House of Realness features: vogue ritual healing practice from Wendell Cooper/Mx. Oops with musical performance by STEFA* and guest choreography and performance by Slim Ninja; spectacle rich performance and video works that question representations of gender, racial and sexual identity from Narcissister; song and story of “glamour as resistance” from trans-genre artist Justin Vivian Bond with Matt Ray on piano, Claudia Chopek on violin and Nath Ann Carrera on guitar; white-guy, medium sized dick, bi-sexual, feminist Emminem on steroids rap from Champagne Jerry who is funny enough for comedy clubs, tight enough for rock clubs, and weird enough for art venues.

Set in a two-stage environment designed by Diego Montoya with Michelle Sutherland under lighting by Sarah Lurie and surrounded by video animations from Wendell Coooper and Ethan Weinstock, House of Realness offers a space of respite and recharge in a landscape of queer futurity. Get lost, find your future and build it forward.