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Shade comes from reading

Welcome to READING.

Reading started as a zine for American Realness 2013 edited by Moriah Evans, Buck Wanner and Ben Pryor. It was supposed to be a catalogue but we didn’t have enough money to make it sexy enough to call it a catalogue. So we made it a zine cause this shit has always been DIY, so what are we trying to pretend for?!

Even the zine required a lot of resources. Despite an awesome partnership with Culturebot, who released a number of the zine’s articles online, the physical document was only able to reach a limited number of people. So, as much as I love an object, I created and brought the zine online as a blog.

No physical object. But maybe it is time to embrace this digital world, or something.

SO, look forward to READING VOLUME 2, coming to you here at Buck Wanner is serving as Editor for the 2014 program and is lining up writers for a series of forthcoming posts with insights and reactions to the program. I am really looking forward to what he is crafting and what the writers will be digging into. I sincerely hope you will follow along.

See you at Abrons,


In the mean time, check out READING VOLUME 1, released online in its entirety for the first time: