American Realness

Noah Fischer

Performance Breakthrough 2036
(A Speculative Fable)

Co-Commissioned by American Realness and Yale’s Theater magazine
Presented by Gibney

Thursday, January 10, 12:00pm

50 minutes

The Theater
280 Broadway (Entrance at 53A Chambers Street)



During the Occupy Wall Street Movement, the artist wandered Zuccotti Park as a talking coin giving voice to the complaints of a faltering democracy in the face of concentrated corporate wealth. Then one day an old Yippie, famous for pie-in-the facing Washington elites, admonished him to leave the comfort of the occupation in search of more productive confrontations. Seven years later in a world now sizzling with conflict and audiences programmed into echo-chambers, Fischer speculates on future performances that could confront dystopia head on and win.

Image courtesy of Noah Fisher