American Realness

Mind Over Mirrors with Miguel Gutierrez

Storing the Winter

WED JAN 16 . 10:00 PM
THURS JAN 17 . 7:00 PM
FRI JAN 18 . 10:30 PM

Run time: 60 minutes

466 Grand Street

Miguel Gutierrez and Jaime Fennelly (aka Mind Over Mirrors) met in the pine forests of the American South in summer of 2001. Taking refuge in the top story of a run down Bushwick, Brooklyn warehouse that Fall, they sonically and viscerally hammered away for the next four years at the mountains of detritus that had been left there before them, sculpting their own assemblage of self-sabotage actions up and down the Eastern seaboard and Europe. Eight years gone, reconfigured with their collective shovel dug deep, they are Storing the Winter.

Mind Over Mirrors is the solitary reeling of American harmoniumist/electronicist Jaime Fennelly. Fennelly began developing Mind Over Mirrors when he moved from Bushwick/Brooklyn, NY to a remote island in the Salish Sea of Washington State from 2007 – 2010. Utilizing an Indian pedal harmonium, oscillators, tape delays, and an assortment of synthesizing processors, Fennelly bends slowly-building, repetitive melodies into massive sonic mountains, and as XXJFG eulogized, sounds “like some drum-less-techno titan stalking the sand blasted bazaars of a near-future, eastern city.” His third and most recent album “Check Your Swing” was released on French imprint, Hands in the Dark Records, this past fall, with previous releases on Digitalis and Aguirre Records.