American Realness

Mårten Spångberg

La Substance, but in English

World Premiere

Commissioned and presented by MoMA PS1 Sunday Sessions

FRI JAN 10 . 2:00 PM . Open Rehearsal CANCELLED, due to unforeseen circumstances
SAT JAN 11 . 2:00 PM . Preview
SUN JAN 12 . 4:00 PM . Premiere

Run time: 4 hour 30 minutes

22-25 Jackson Ave / tickets $10 advance, $12 day of

Single Tickets

La Substance, but in English is a produced landscape which transforms into an endless indeterminacy where features weaken and contours dissolve. It is a geo-traumatic rift inhabited by eight dancers and a singer. It is a dance that dances itself, a moment of suspended magic shared without conditions. Mårten Spångberg’s work highlights choreography as a medium in relation to contemporary modes of attention, connectivity and singularity.

La Substance, but in English was commissioned by MoMA PS1 and The Swedish Art Council, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Swedish Institute, Stockholm City and is produced in collaboration with MDT Stockholm and PAF.

Sunday Sessions and the VW Dome at MoMA PS1 are made possible by a partnership with Volkswagen of America. Sunday Sessions is organized by Jenny Schlenzka, Associate Curator with Mike Skinner, Producer, and Alex Sloane, Live Programs Coordinator.



Mårten Spångberg is a choreography living and working in Stockholm. His interests concern choreography in an expanded field, something that he has approached through experimental practices and creative process in multiplicity of formats and expressions. He has been active on stage as performer and creator since ’94, and has since ’99 created his own choreographies, from solos to larger scale works, which has toured internationally. Under the label International Festival he collaborated with the architect Tor Lindstrand he engaged in social and expanded choreography. From 1996 – 2005 Spångberg organized and curated festivals in Sweden and internationally.
He initiated the network organization INPEX in 2006, has thorough experience in teaching both theory and practice and was director for the MA program in choreography at the Univ. of Dance in Stockholm 2008 – 2012. In 2011 his first book Spangbergianism was published.

Linda Blomqvist (born 1985 in Stockholm) is a dancer and choreographer currently living between Brussels and Stockholm. She studied dance at The Royal Swedish Ballet School (1995-2004) and at P.A.R.T.S in Brussels (2008-2010). Linda is a co-founder of the interdisciplinary artist collective Rhododdendron. Their video installation work has been exhibited in several venues in Europe. In may 2012 she premiered her latest piece “Lucha Libre” at MDT in Stockholm, which she created and performed together with Pär Andersson. Linda has been participating in creations with choreographers such as Uri Turkenich (IL) Pavle Heidler (HR) Björn Säfsten (SE) and Cristina Caprioli (SE).This summer she performed in two pieces by Mårten Spångberg: “The Nature” at MDT, Stockholm and “Epic” at Manchester International Festival. She is currently working with Rosas, touring “Drumming” and will participate in the new creation in 2014.

Ludvig Daae is a Norwegian dancer and choreographer working mostly in Stockholm and Brussels. Since he graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in 2008, he has worked with Deborah Hay (USA), Company Thor (BE), Mårten Spångberg (SE), Gunilla Heilborn (SE), Xavier Le Roy (FR) among others, and his collaborative stage art group, ches:co. He is currently touring with his own solo MM, which in 2012 was chosen as the only Nordic act for the European dance network Aerowaves. He collaborates as performer with Sebastian Schulz, Verena Billinger, Robin Jonsson. In 2013 he premieres two new productions of his own. 

Emma Kim Hagdahl (born 1985) is a Swedish artist, choreographer and dancer working internationally. Her recent work is together with the Australian choreographer Atlanta Eke concerned with imaginative forces of production.
In recent years she has been interested in collective processes and has been part of INPEX, Mychoreography and Agora Project. She is one of the initiators and producers of The Swedish Dance History and The Inpex. Emma was the artistic director Reykjavík Dance Festival entitled A Series of Event together with Halla Ólafsdóttir. Furthermore she choreographed the solo triptych As Found and has been granted several scholarships and residencies e.g. DanceWEB Europe in Vienna, Movement Research in New York and Housemate in Melbourne. She studied at Laban in London, ex.e.r.ce in Montpellier and has a degree from DOCH in Stockholm.

Sandra Lolax has worked with dance and choreography since 2007. Based in Berlin and Stockholm, she has during the last years collaborated continuously with choreographers Rosalind Goldberg and Stina Nyberg. In their work they have taken interest in methods and procedures how to produce choreography, and in inventing somatic practices that could produce bodies that function according to different logical rules. Sandra has performed in works by choreographers such as Rebecka Stillman, Maya M. Carrolll (née Lipsker), Anne-Mareike Hess  Litó Walkey, Deborah Hay and Miriam Horwitz.

Linnea Martinsson (1988) is a dancer and choreographer educated at the Swedish Ballet School. She initiated the collective Digga Pony and has been active as a performer with Julie Reinartz, Robin Jonsson and Mårten Spångberg. In 2013 Linnea released her first album “Music and Sports” and is since then touring as a music act. As a singer she has collaborated with among others The Swedish House Mafia and Adrian Lux.

Pontus Pettersson is a Swedish choreographer and dancer, based in Stockholm. Educated at the Danish national school of contemporary dance from 2003-2007. Pontus has worked as a dancer around in Scandinavia as well as in Israel, most well known choreographers are Ohad Naharin and Deborah Hay. As a choreographer Pontus has shown his pieces around in Europe and Israel as well as taken part of international programmes for young makers like, Choreoram, ENPARTS and the latest DanceWEB. The latest works include The Black Box Theatre, a one to one meeting in the theatre space where fortune telling created the parameters of the dance one would see in the space as well as MOPA – Preparing for battle, a six solos series for six different individuals. Currently working on the new solo MOPA – I disappear in darkness, touring with Debut, a collaboration with Adriano Wilfred Jensen and Sandra Lolax and dancing in Mårten SpångbergsEpic, Pontus creates work for stage and off stage blurring the borders between dance, performance and visual art.

Rebecka Stillman usually has different functions in various choreographic projects. She is currently interested in thinking about how and if one can find new things in-between what we know already and what impact that can have on what we know. Rebecka has an MA in choreography (DOCH, Stockholm) and has previously attended The Royal Swedish Ballet School, SEAD and Stockholm University. She was part of initiating the stage art group ches:co (active 2006-2010) and has since then worked in various group constellations in Sweden and abroad. Rebecka has also been engaging in projects initiated by others such as Eleanor Bauer, Ludvig Daae, Anna Koch, Mårten Spångberg, Yukiko Shinozaki and Heine Avdal. She also works in the new project Maximum Spaces which deals with the redistribution of studio space in Stockholm.

Hanna Strandberg is a dancer living and working in Stockholm. She studied at GDU Gotland and DOCH in Stockholm, where she graduated from in 2009. As a dancer she has worked with the choreographers Helena Högberg, Eliisa Erävalo and most recent with Mårten Spångberg in Epic. 2009 she started and built the restaurant Gåsens Lada, which she was managing until 2012. She is now studying economic history at Stockholm University.

Yoann Durant (born 1983) is a French artist, composer, improviser, musician/saxophonist and performer. He is based in Paris and Stockholm and works internationally. Concerned with sound and music in an expanded field through experimental practices in a multiplicity of formats and expressions he creates his own projects, mostly in collective processes, from solo to orchestral works. He regularly collaborates with artists related to choreography, theater, radio and video. In 2011-2012 he made 2 pieces : a solo work seul and a 7 performers group piece sous-entendu. He is active on the Parisian scene since 2008 with contemporary jazz band Irène and Rétroviseur, since 2012 with O     O (electro/acoustic music headphone performance) and ONCEIM (orchestre national de création, expérimentation et improvisation). Since 2013 he is active on the Swedish scene both music and performance, singing along pop songs for 4 hours during Mårten Spångberg’sThe Nature and Epic. He taught at the University of Gothenburg, Panama Jazz Festival, Conservatoire de Perpignan and Mâcon. He has a MA from Conservatoire de Paris, has been granted several scholarships and residencies. He has been part of the 1st edition Feldsträke program (104 Paris, Calarts Los Angeles and Pact Zollverein Essen).