American Realness

keyon gaskin

[a swatch of lavender]: a self portrait

Commissioned and presented by Gibney Dance in partnership with Participant Inc.


Thursday, January 11, 5:30pm
Friday, January 12, 8:30pm
Saturday, January 13, 4:00pm
Sunday, January 14, 4:00pm

Run Time: 60 minutes

Participant Inc., 253 East Houston Street, Manhattan
Single Tickets $25 / Gibney Festival Pass $20

Single Tickets Festival Pass

Performed by a rotating cast of local artists: Hilary Clark, NIC Kay, Will Rawls, Hayley Silverman, and others. Also featuring a book created in collaboration with sidony oneal, Litia Perta, and Sharita Towne.

full moon in Taurus: of the body, for the body
reading as the invisible act i “do” in my head
but always is embodied or else i could not hold a book
the book as a dance, as a set of steps and gestures that my fingertips can hold:
i page, i palm, i point—i
touch my mouth (this is the book too) 
then close myself, shelve it away.
like the dance, it is no more and it can never be again. ephemeral.
which i know i should find comforting but which is, instead, for me, disconcerting. out of concert. i did not agree to
this. like so many things.
the body, an object—I object, I say no…there is a blood mystery and although I can be weighed, measured, prodded, counted, discounted—the Thing is, 
I is also a dance
a set of steps, 
a make-you-feel
and then I’m over.

[a swatch of lavender]: a self portrait is commissioned by Gibney Dance for American Realness 2018 and presented in partnership with Participant Inc.

[a swatch of lavender]: a self portrait is a National Performance Network/Visual Artists Network (NPN/VAN) Creation & Development Fund Project co-commissioned by Gibney Dance for American Realness in partnership with Portland Institute for Contemporary Arts, On the Boards and NPN. The Creation & Development Fund is supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts (a federal agency). For more information:

Image by keyon gaskin