American Realness

Karyn Recollet

Care, kinship, and the realness of lands’ overflows into the celestial

Co-Commissioned by American Realness and Yale’s Theater magazine
Presented by Gibney and in partnership with First Nations Dialogue, and Global First Nations Performance Network

Sunday, January 6, 12:00pm

50 minutes

The Theater
280 Broadway (Entrance at 53A Chambers Street)



This gathering activates ‘kinstillatory’ as an ethic and mode of survivance for Indigenous gathering that evokes futurist gesture of embodying dark matter (our own between spaces) that are the building blocks for kin-in-the-making. What are the desired intentions, ethics, practices and forms of a kinstillatory gathering in Lenape territory? What are the connecting tissues (the dark matter) of an alternative land pedagogy based upon urban Indigenous folx land relations. We explore the practices and protocols of kin-ing, land-ing and involved in the conceptualization of ‘Choreographies of the fall’ (Recollet, 2018). This experience provides an opportunity to share and exchange knowledges and vocabularies (gestural, movement based and other arts informed practices) for the celestial in the body; and in our gatherings.