American Realness

Jennifer Lacey


U.S. Premiere

FRI JAN 13 . 7:00 PM
SAT JAN 14 . 5:30 PM
SUN JAN 15 . 5:30 PM

Run time: 45 minutes

466 Grand Street

This piece was made especially for the Tanzquartier in Vienna under the stewardship of Sigrid Gareis in 2008. The event bore this unlikely title: A Precise Woodstock of thinking. I was asked to consider the future of performance. Hmmm… What to do? My own future was more-than-unusually uncertain at that moment, which created a lovely calm about the whole business as projections seemed un-urgent, unnecessary, inappropriate . I made the only thing I could which I still enjoy doing. The very pretty irony is that performance has no legitimate concern with the future. And also, this version of the future is a bit dated. Lovely. Please Come.

“a fearless, whip-smart artist” – Brian Seibert, The New York Times

Gattica was made possible with support from Tanzquartier Wein