American Realness

Jack Ferver with Michelle Mola

Me, Michelle

MON JAN 9 . 9:30 PM
TUES JAN 10 . 8:00 PM

Run time: 60 minutes

466 Grand Street

Me, Michelle is a duet between Jack Ferver and Michelle Mola, which takes on the forever-mysterious Queen Cleopatra as a vehicle for two performers to uncover the truths about iconography, monarchy and themselves. Ferver offers a manic meta-characterization of Cleopatra during the infamous icon’s final days. Attended by Mola’s portrayal of his/her servant, the two engage in funny, vicious and tragic psychosexual games that vacillate between the childish to the sociopathic. Through coiling layers of performance ranging from the histrionically grand to the restlessly personal, Me, Michelle illustrates how ego fueled by total power can turn into annihilation and the sadomasochism that can exist between gay men and heterosexual women.

“While he constructs and subverts identity, presenting and manipulating images of sexuality, abuse, and self love, those of us watching are implicated in his physically raw, violent works.”- Claudia La Rocco, The New York Times

Me, Michelle was commissioned as part of the Museum of Art and Design’s series Risk + Reward and Performa 11.