American Realness

Ishmael Houston-Jones & Yvonne Meier

Knife, Tape, Rope & Mad Heidi

SUN JAN 15 . 7:30 PM

Run time: 60 minutes

466 Grand Street

Mad Heidi is a portrait of a Swiss woman, battling against her Swiss expectations. Lifelong traumas like, “how many times must I hike up the mountain?” surface. A sexy witch-like broom dance becomes unavoidable. Consumed by equal parts madness, rage, and sadness, “Heidi” descends into the netherworld of the collective unconscious in order to ferociously and boisterously destroy Swiss stereotypes and clichés. The work evokes a sense of homesickness and longing as the performer appears alone before her audience — naked, both inside and out.

“A true east village renegade with a special talent for creating havoc…” Gia Kourlas, The New York Times