American Realness

S.J Norman

Cicatrix 1 (that which is taken/that which remains)

Presented by Performance Space New York
in partnership with First Nations Dialogues, BlakDance, Global First Nations Performance Network

Curated by Emily Johnson for KIN


Tuesday January 8, 7:30pm

180 minutes

Performance Space New York
150 First Avenue, 4th Floor

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S.J Norman is a non-binary Koori live artist and writer. Cicatrix 1 (that which is taken/that which remains), specially made for KIN, is a chain of actions, woven from the syncretic tissues of buried rites for mourning and remembrance. In particular, Cicatrix 1 considers the collision of Indigenous, queer, and trans bodies with state power, specifically the abuse and obliteration of those bodies by the carceral state. A long-durational ritual unfolding over approximately four hours, Cicatrix 1 begins with the lighting of a medicinal fire and concludes with an outdoor, midnight procession.

Performance Space New York’s presentation of KIN is supported by the Barragga Bay Fund with additional support by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

Photo by Penelope Benton of Corpus Nullius/Blood Country (2010)