American Realness

Chris Cochrane, Jassem Hindi, Jen Rosenblit & Enrico D. Wey

… or and animal…

New York Premiere

MON JAN 14 . 10:00 PM
TUES JAN 15 . 10:00PM

Run time: 50 minutes

466 Grand Street

For … or and animal… musicians Chris Cochrane and Jassem Hindi come together with dancers Jen Rosenblit and Enrico D. Wey for an evening of improvised performance. Four people, multiple identities. How do we sense this, or not? For example: thinking of Pasolini, simultaneously a communist, a catholic and a homosexual. How did he make sense of these conflicting idea(l)s? Were they conflicting? Were there commonalities? Ecstatic and/or linguistic actions? Traditions and rituals? New constructs? What was expressed? What wasn’t? This evening holds similar uncertainties to be revealed through their action. With as little sentiment as possible, as if a wet stick with some mud…