American Realness

Big Art Group


World Premiere

THURS JAN 5 . 8:30 PM
SAT JAN 7 . 9:30 PM
FRI JAN 13 . 8:30 PM
SAT JAN 14 . 7:00 PM

Run time: 75 minutes

466 Grand Street

Broke House is the new performance by Big Art Group inspired by Chekhov’s Three Sisters. It explores social aspects of modernity and time: the frustration of social progress and the problem of presence in a world compromised by the virtual. From a bare stage the company constructs and dismantles the wooden skeleton of a house as they simultaneously film a documentary of its residents. Issues about the tragic entrapment of nostalgia and the futility of escapist fantasies of the future play out through colliding and disintegrating stories refracted across Big Art Group’s sculptural scenography and lightning fast Real Time Film matrix.

 “True to their name, Big Art Group’s performances are big in every possible way: prismatic visuals hurtle across a panoply of screens, dazzling with flashing colors; strange conjunctions of video imagery captured live by a battery of cameras and spliced together in real time, ambush the eye; digital soundscapes thrum, groan, and roar at synesthesia-inducing volumes.” – Jacob Gallagher-Ross, The Drama Review

Broke House is produced by Big Art Group with support from King’s Fountain and New York State Council on the Arts.