American Realness


AUNTS realness

SUN JAN 13 . 10:30 PM – 2:00 AM

466 Grand Street

AUNTS is about having dance happen. The dance you’ve already seen, that pops into your head, that is known and expected and unknown and unexpected. Dance that seeps into the cracks of street lights, subway commotion, magazine myth, drunk nights at the bar, the family album, and the couch where you lay and softly glance at the afternoon light coming in through the window. AUNTS constantly tests a model of producing dance/performance/parties. A model that supports the development of current, present, and contemporary performance. Simultaneous and sometimes accidental collaborations from a multitude of artists who believe that performance is a “land of plenty” rather than “never enough.” Where the work of AUNTS defies the regulation of institution, capitalism, and consumerism. AUNTS is about being gracious in this world.

For AUNTS realness, a collection of artists organized by AUNTS takes over all three performance spaces at Abrons Arts Center for a night of performance and good old fashioned debauchery. It’s dance, it’s a party. You might find a costume, you might have a snack, you’ll definitely have a drink, you might meet your next lady/boy/girlfriend. It’s a late night performance moment with a committed group of experimental artists who love what they do and love you too.

AUNTS realness is organized by Laurie Berg, Meredith Boggia and Liliana Dirks-Goodman.