American Realness

Antonija Livingstone & Nadia Lauro

les études (heresies 1-7)

Presented by Gibney Dance


Wednesday, January 10, 7:00pm
Thursday, January 11, 7:00pm
Friday, January 12, 7:00pm
Saturday, January 13, 2:00pm

Run Time: 70 minutes

Gibney Dance, Studio E, 280 Broadway (Entrance at 53A Chambers Street), Manhattan
Single Tickets $25 / Gibney Festival Pass $20

Single Tickets Festival Pass

Via the intersection of performance and plastic arts practice, Antonija Livingstone & Nadia Lauro stage a queer symposium for rare presence and endangered practice. From these social gatherings emerge a score for a series of études. A visit to a chimeric library who choreographs her caretaker kin. For the duration of a storm, we take refuge together in a fabricated nomadic habitat. This wyrd assembly of friends, guest artists and local newcomers join forces to practice and reflect on the dissident potential of the slow, the careful and other unfashionable polyphonic gestures.

“Polyphony speaks of the coexistence of a plurality of voices and sounds that can also be understood in a text or in an extra textual situation. The vitality of polyphony as a phenomenon is that the voices do not fuse into a single consciousness or drone but exist on different registers generating a dynamism among themselves. It is not merely a heterogeneity but some other angle at which voices are juxtaposed and counter-posed which generates something beyond themselves. Each one of these voices exists in an indirect dialogue with other voices, allowing other voices to add to a preexisting entity, a polyphony of reciprocal, celebratory and displaced voices, exchanges wherein all the interlocutors involved may become changed in their meeting.”—Mikhaïl Bhaktin

Performances of les études (heresies 1-7) for American Realness 2018 are made possible with support from Gibney Dance, Canada Council for the Arts Touring Fund and Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York. Produced by A.Livingstone Collaborations
les études (heresies 1-7) was commissioned by Festival D’Autumn, for Menagerie de Verre ,Paris produced by Extrapole 2016-2017 with co-production support from CDN Montpellier, Arsenic, Theatre Garonne, Festival Actorale, Usine C, and Canada Council for the Arts.
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Created and Performed by Antonija Livingstone & Nadia Lauro
in collaboration with Kennis Hawkins, Stephen Thompson
Guest Artist: An Thorne and Tobaron Waxman
Storm Design: Brendan Dougherty
Costume Design: A. Livingstone
Technical Assistance: Rodolfe Martin
Production: Livingstone

Special thanks to: Canada Council for the Arts, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Jennifer Lacey, Fanny Virelizier

The prototype team: Scottish Basket Weavers Circle, Shape Note Singers The Pearce Institute and Contemporary Performance Practice Glasgow School of Art Students, Glasgow Scotland

This project of mobile choreographic hospitality was made via intensive queer somatic symposium in a few days as part of an ongoing process for diverse material and immaterial études in seven different contemporary arts contexts over 2016-2018.

Workshop with Antonija Livingstone and Nadia Lauro

Monday – Tuesday, January 8-9, 10:00am-12:00pm

Gibney Dance, Studio E, 280 Broadway (Enter at 53A Chambers Street)
$50, Register at

A workshop for those curious about and who wish to deepen physical contemplative practice and an introduction to the ideas and methods for a variety of luminous and slimey choral activities. Dance-maker Antonija Livingstone and scenographer Nadia Lauro offer a series of guided scores to build together an immersive habitat of queer somatics, optics, and polyphony.

Participants are invited to learn the practices as applied in the piece les études (hérésies 1-7). There is the option for 10 participants to continue the practice in the evenings January 8-10 from 6-9pm and to perform in the installation as presented by American Realness at Gibney Dance January 11-13, 2018.