American Realness

Ann Liv Young

Ann Liv Young Does Sherry

FRI JAN 8 . 10:00 PM
SAT JAN 9 . 5:00 PM
SUN JAN 10 . 10:00 PM

466 Grand Street

Sherry, Ann Liv Young’s newest performance alter ego, use techniques from church, Alcoholics Anonymous and traditional psychology in her own brand of performative therapy. Sherry will tackle your issues, whether it’s marital trouble or a lack of creativity in the kitchen. While you can’t get much whiter than Sherry she is sexually and racially progressive, working alongside two colored people. And her methods, though traditional in some sense, are more likely to involve pork chops, mayonnaise and chocolate sauce than a weekly visit to your therapist. Whatever Sherry does, Ann Liv Young says it works and she has proof.